M’Bha Kamara

This poem is not about apples!

Image courtesy of Rob Wicks — Unsplash

A Few Bad Apples

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful basket full of nice apples.

One day, one of the apples in the basket started to rot. The other apples;

they did nothing. They went about their business as usual.

Then another day another apple became wormy.

The other apples, the good apples; they did nothing.

And the next day two other apples turned putrid.

Then more apples and more apples went bad. Before long,

it became hard to tell the good apples from the bad apples.

As for the basket, that’s another poem!

The story of apples is the story of humans.

Yet, apples are apples, and humans are humans.

And metaphors? Well, they are just conceited.



M’Bha Kamara

M’Bha Kamara

M’Bha Kamara is the pen name for Mohamed Kamara who teaches at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia.