We tend to pay disproportionately more attention to racism’s mangled bodies than to its ‘invisible’ manifestations.

In a 1965 interview with Alex Haley, Martin Luther King, Jr. called the then governor of Alabama, George Wallace, “a demagogue with a capital D” who symbolized in America “many of the evils that were alive in Hitler’s Germany,” “a merchant of racism” and “perhaps the most dangerous racist in America today.” By identifying Wallace as one of the most rabid embodiments of racism, King was placing him at the extreme end of the spectrum of American racism.

Dr. King identified other types of…

When America elected Trump four years ago, it agreed to enter a bad relationship with him. A relationship in which the abuser, Trump, claims ad nauseam he is the aggrieved party. Now that America, the abused, has decided to move on with someone else, he is not happy. He tells America something to this effect: “If I can’t have you, nobody else will have you. Or if they end up having you, I will make sure you are damaged goods.” …

History is not an artefact, or a golden nugget, to be sanitized and bequeathed to subsequent generations.

In the season 2 finale of Outlander, time-traveler Claire Fraser visits a museum featuring, among other artefacts, a wax sculpture of Charles Edward Stuart. In reaction to a fellow visitor’s admiration of the statue, Claire, in her characteristic straightforward style, tells him, “He wasn’t that tall in real life. He could have been great. He had the name, the cause, the support of good men, willing to lay down their lives for him. They’ve taken a fool and turned him into a hero.”

Megalomania is a virus. The Megalomaniac is the vector that prowls communities in monochrome robes peddling simple remedies to messy and complicated human relationships.

The only ones amongst us immune to this virus are those blessed and inoculated with self-esteem, discernment, humility, common sense, and empathy.

What is common to all megalomaniacs — regardless of their gender, color, social or geographical appurtenance — is their conviction that they are God’s gift to mankind and that what they know, think, or believe is the only thing that matters; that without them, the world and humankind are reduced to nothing. …

Like everyone else, I try to make sense of our new coronavirus-imposed reality. I am a visual learner; so I have to see my thoughts physically represented on paper. Since I can’t sketch or draw, or do all those things talented people can do, I use the words of the languages I know to represent my thoughts. And what better way to do that, and to capture the vibes of the times as I feel them, than through poetry.

I will let the poems speak for themselves.

Corona Virus

I am Corona Virus!
#COVID-19. Like my avatars,
Calling for the first and repeated time.

Mr. President,

My Faith in America

Barely a week into your presidency, in the chaotic wake of your travel ban, a relative of mine called to ask if I had thought of going back to Sierra Leone. I asked her why, and she replied: “well, there is too much hatred for Muslims in America right now. Every day in the news we hear your president and his supporters saying bad things about Muslims and strangers.”

I told my relative America was also my home.

When this country welcomed me in the midst of the civil strife in my country of…

Or the Anxiety of the Minority in the Age of Trump

My name is the most emblematic of my faith. It is a weight I carry, and sometimes these days it feels like a burden. I am sure when my parents decided to give me the name, it never crossed their mind that one day, somewhere, it could be a source of worry for their son.

Traveling just after 9–11 meant being pulled out of lines for the occasional ‘random’ checks. I remember arriving in London in August of 2003 for my brother’s wedding. As it happened, I was last…

M’Bha Kamara

M’Bha Kamara is the pen name for Mohamed Kamara who teaches at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia.

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